The Nightmare Finding Something to Eat: My Quest to Make the Perfect Nut/Sesame Free Pizza

My son was diagnosed with life-threatening tree nut, peanut, sesame, (and now stevia,) allergies back in December 2014.

I was in shock, and terrified like most food allergy parents.  The nightmare was beginning….


After a few days of fear and crying, I threw out everything harmful in the house and began educating myself on how to keep my son safe.

This is a daily task, one that will never be complete, because I am a mom who realizes things are constantly changing, and that complacency is no longer an option.

One of the first things I panicked about was pizza.  My son is very picky, and eats pizza almost daily.  Must be his NY roots, even though we live in VA now.

I called up one of my friends and asked her what kind of pizza she orders for her peanut allergic son.  She highly recommended our local Dominos Pizza, and said that her son has been eating it safely for years.

I called them right away & explained my situation, and they said that they only have one thing on the menu with nuts, but that it was wrapped up and wouldn’t cause any cross-contamination.

I ordered it, but was very nervous.

My son is only four, but was upset about his allergy diagnosis & said he wished he didn’t have any allergies.

this is what I think about food allergies meme

This broke my heart, but I was glad that I could at least order him some pizza again!  He absolutely loves running to the door when the pizza is delivered & saying hello to the delivery person.

We continued ordering pizza from Dominos for months until his face swelled up with a hive one day right after eating it.  He had no other symptoms & was breathing & acting fine otherwise, so we gave him Benadryl and he was okay.

This incident, though minor, really scared me.  I haven’t ordered pizza out since.

We go to Hershey Park a lot, and trust their labeling and park food service representatives, so we decided to try their Famiglia Pizza.  He loves it and has eaten it safely for years.

We realized that we had to solve our pizza dilemma fast, so at first we just made it quick with Pillsbury pizza dough.

Ryan putting cheese on pizza

Though that is okay & acceptable, my son really wanted the pizza to taste better & more like the one at Hershey Park.

So we knew we had to perfect our pizza, especially the crust.

My son likes his pizza very plain, and the crust a little fluffy and lightly browned.  So my husband searched the internet for a pizza dough recipe that would be acceptable to my son.

He found the following recipe from Bake Like a Pro on youtube:

Easy No Fail Pizza Dough Recipe

2 1/2 cups flour (I use Pillsbury)

2 tbsps. vegetable oil (I use Crisco oil)

1 cup warm water

2 tsp. sugar (I use Domino)

1 tsp. quick rising yeast (I use Red Star)

Follow Bake Like A Pro’s excellent video & you will have the perfect crust too.

I use my homemade tomato sauce, but you can use any basic marinara recipe.

Then I added mozzarella cheese.

This is what it looked like before it was put in the oven:

Pizza take two la famiglia type bake like a pro crust before oven

And here is the finished product:

pizza take two famiglia pizza style done

It looked and smelled good to us, but the real question was #willhelikeit……

While it was cooling off, I was pacing the kitchen floor, hoping that all this effort would be worth it.

Well….it was totally worth it because…..he liked it!!!!!

Pizza take two he liked it pic

Hey Mikey!    I’m really showing my age here with this reference 🙂

Mikey he likes it meme

So the moral of this story is that life may hand you a nightmare…..but that doesn’t mean you can’t wind up on your feet…..

Kathy ❤

Nuts About My Son



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